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Seamless power delivery for mobility is the currency of a modern city...

...that scales with demand instantly

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That scales with
demand instantly

Unlike conventional
charging infrastructure

To meet the growing needs of fleet operators


EV Fleets mean:

  • Capital intensive infra
  • Operational headaches
  • Less driver uptime, more downtime

That scales with
demand instantly
To meet the growing needs
of fleet operators
Of individual
EV owners
And of the entire city

Fleets Drivers
Hourly Daily
Problems we solve:
  • Capital intensive infra
  • Operational headaches
  • Less driver uptime, more downtime
Problems we solve:
  • No garage, no easy charging
  • Public charging is a battleground
  • Long wait or long drive—which do you chose?
  • Less driver uptime, more downtime
serviced in this 1km
square sample area
energy delivered to
fleets of 1000 cars

Our solution

Fast charging whenever & wherever EVs are parked

Nimbee isn’t an idea.
It’s a full-stack solution ready for real-world testing & deployment

We didn’t come to this market with empty promises.
Nimbee combines AI-powered logistics, world-class hardware design, and industry veterans to create the most comprehensive—and profitable—energy delivery on the market.

Ever-changing organic demand

AI-powered logistics

Real-time adaptive operations

Software platform

Meet demand when and where it is needed

Our machine learning hive-mind predicts not just when fleet drivers and consumers will need power, but where they’ll be when they need it — and flexibly adapts its direction to all Nimbees in the field for optimized delivery in real-time. The result is a fully customizable charging-as-a-service solution that keeps their EVs topped up like magic and takes charging off their mind.

The customers set the rules

Fleet or individual EV owners decide how they want to use the service, from minimum vehicle charge to expected vehicle uptime.

The cars set the tempo

Vehicle telemetry communicates — in real-time — how much power is needed and where. Nimbee optimizes delivery in the background.

Transformative customer experience for fleets and individuals

Planning operations or daily routines around charging is a thing of the past—replaced by customized payments, reports & customer satisifaction

Mobile chargers

Meet our Bees.

Battery and DC charger 2in1
– pumping energy relentlessly, dilligently and reliably

Designed to fit those in-between moments Designed to fit anywhere

Designed to fit those in-between moments

  • 60 kWh capacity with 44 kW of power delivers up to 300 km of range—each hour, anywhere
  • Intelligent battery management system
  • Smart cooling system for truly fast charging
  • Secured by always-on cloud connectivity
  • Automotive-grade battery pack for impact resistance
  • Ready for autonomous driving with a robust omniwheel motorized chassis

Designed to fit anywhere

Size: 160 x 140 x 50cm - world's most compact weight to capacity ratio
(85 Wh/kg)
Data-driven operations

AI-powered logistics control costs, prices, and operations

Making power delivery mobile and guided by AI means Nimbee can provide 10x the energy as conventional infrastructure in the same square mileage, at a fraction of the development cost. Launching operations in any big city takes days, not months, and paves the way for the distributed, renewable, smart energy management in the future.

Real-time logistics—reimagined

Power suppliers, car telemetry, battery capacity, location, traffic information, customer rules—all balanced for seamless delivery at the best cost.

Adaptable automation

Things change. Cars move. Like bees in flight, our hive-mind automatically adjusts routes or assigns new ones based on new requirements in seconds.

Green power at the best rates

Nimbee can supply itself at the cheapest rates from green sources at peak production times for competitive rates and high margins.

Experienced team

Meet the powerhouse team
driving the EV revolution through
innovation and collaboration

Jan Šamal

Jan Šamal

Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur. Founder of Nimble Energy (pioneering modern energetics), founding member of the Czech storage association, ex-CxO level manager at worldwide telco and other IT giants.

Mirek Zapletal

Mirek Zapletal

Head of Product

Ex VP of Design at Avast software, Product lead at various startups, and creative entrepreneur. Experienced service design expert and team builder.

Lukáš Šafařík

Lukáš Šafařík

Head of Operations

Head of operations or Director of logistics led large operations in contract logistics (Wincanton), freight forwarding (UPS, DHL), food delivery, taxi and city logistics (Liftago). Managed fleets of thousands of drivers for both industry leaders and pioneers.

Filip Kopecký

Filip Kopecký

Head of Technology

Technology enthusiast and programmer, former CTO of several small to large technology companies (fe. ZOOT or Shoptet). Ex Leader of the Innovation Lab at Prague Airport and electromobility believer

We are seeking 2.7M EUR
to prove profitability in our first city

“If I can’t continue with the Nimbee subscription, I’ll sell my EV.”

— EV Owner in pilot program
aiming at
1.200 MWh
per year

Produce additional chargers to scale operations

Setup operations team and automation system to scale fast

Acquire 2-3 fleet customers, keep 400 cars charged

Moonshot idea

Leverage mobile chargers and our system for peak shaving and grid balancing

Support local energy integration and reduce energy costs for homeowners

Enable autonomous charging logistics for greater efficiency and scalability

Thank you!

If any part of our vision or passion speaks to you, please, get in touch.